Hello, I am Adrienn

A successful life requires health and financial freedom. In addition to consciously striving to achieve them, happy people accumulate experiences throughout their lives. Excursions, family gatherings, new experiences, events, journeys give us what we call a “full, happy life.” I help my clients to live a health and financially conscious life and to gather experiences through their success.

I’m Adrienn Hamori, Positive Mindset Coach. In addition to booking personal coach sessions on my site, you can purchase various trainings, access a free tool, information and a lot of interesting content.


I enjoy good company, I love to travel and I am happy to do my job

I gained most of my professional experience in multinational companies, where I worked as a project manager. In the meantime, I moved to the UK, where after the birth of my daughter I started working in medical tourism. Next to him, I’m fulfilling my long-held dream of studying finance. Ever since I’ve been working directly with private people, I’ve found that while everyone is different, our goals are the same: to live healthy, to live happily ever after.

I currently live in the UK, do my work in Hungarian and English and I can say that I work with a global clientele.

Get to know yourself better and achieve your dreams

Through my programs and face-to-face coach conversations, we unlock your opportunities to maximize your own performance, improve your self-awareness, and help your personal development. Want to know where you are now?

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