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Digital Strategy Consultant

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Innovative Design and Strategic Business Development in the Digital Age

In today’s competitive markets, it’s not enough to present an eye-catching design; digital solutions must also be functional and efficient. Working with our team of experts, we strongly emphasise optimising and automating business processes during the design of digital solutions to ensure that your enterprise can realise the greatest possible profit.

As a financial expert, I particularly focus on providing my clients – whether they are entrepreneurs, company leaders, or decision-makers – with maximum support in their digital presence and in developing related business strategies.

Build a Strong Digital Presence and Enhance Your Business Efficiency

Allow me to assist in your growth by providing essential digital solutions that prepare your business for the present and the future. My commitment to financial and business efficiency ensures that your enterprise can thrive at every level.

case studies​


As a protection advisor, I was struggling to make a mark in the digital world until I met Adrienn. She didn't just give me a roadmap; she walked me through it, ensuring I understood each step. Since implementing the new strategies, my new website has experienced a significant uptick in lead generation that has exceeded our performance expectations. I'm truly grateful for her expertise and personalised attention.
Protection Advisor
Our business desperately needed a digital overhaul, and Adrienn delivered beyond our expectations. Her expert guidance through the digital marketing maze helped us focus our efforts and budget on what truly matters. She has an uncanny ability to make complex concepts understandable and to create a strategic plan that is both innovative and executable.
Director of mobilpatyolat.hu
Adrienn was a catalyst for change in my business. She brought dynamic solutions that were custom-fit for my unique challenges. Her hands-on assistance with our digital campaigns made a significant difference in how I connect with my customers. The results speak for themselves – increased engagement on our social platforms and a more robust online brand presence. Adrienn’s work has been invaluable to my success.
Children and Youth Coach


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