Client: – An emerging luxury event planning enterprise in Hungary.

Challenge: Entering the competitive Hungarian event planning market, sought to distinguish itself within the luxury niche against well-established rivals. The firm needed comprehensive market insights and a strategic pricing model to ensure a triumphant debut and ongoing expansion.


  • Perform an exhaustive market analysis to pinpoint opportunities in the luxury event planning niche.
  • Craft a competitive pricing strategy mirroring the premium nature of the services offered.
  • Cultivate a brand identity that resonates with the intended clientele.
  • Devise a digital marketing strategy to attract and engage prospective customers effectively.

Approach: enlisted my services as a digital strategy consultant to tackle the challenges of penetrating a competitive market. My strategic approach encompassed:

  • Market Analysis: Conducted a thorough examination of the Hungarian event planning sector, emphasising luxury and identifying prevailing trends and market voids.
  • Target Audience Research: Determined the demographic profile for luxury events, including corporate entities, affluent individuals, and specialised niches such as destination weddings.
  • Competitive Landscape Review: Assessed competitors’ offerings, pricing models, and market positioning to carve out a unique space for
  • Pricing Strategy Formulation: Formulated a value-based pricing strategy that resonates with luxury clientele expectations and justifies the superior services provided.
  • Digital Strategy Development: Drafted an all-encompassing digital strategy to amplify brand visibility and lead generation, incorporating website enhancement, social media outreach, and online advertising.


  • Market Entry Strategy: Established as the purveyor of tailor-made luxury events, emphasising personalised experiences and outstanding quality.
  • Pricing Structure: Rolled out a transparent pricing framework with adaptable packages, empowering clients to customise services to their preferences.
  • Brand Development: Designed an elegant brand persona supported by a professional website and high-quality visual content that mirrors the opulence of the services.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns: Executed precise digital marketing initiatives utilising SEO, paid advertising, and social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest, favoured by the luxury event audience.
  • Partnership Building: Forged alliances with upscale venues and suppliers to present exclusive offerings and augment the firm’s luxury service portfolio.


  • Market Insights: The analysis revealed a robust demand for upscale corporate events and destination weddings, which adeptly leveraged.
  • Client Acquisition: The pricing strategy enticed premium clients seeking bespoke and exclusive event experiences, yielding a 25% conversion rate from inquiries to confirmed bookings.
  • Brand Momentum: The brand’s digital footprint expanded rapidly, evidenced by a 60% surge in website traffic within the initial three months.
  • Social Media Impact: Digital marketing endeavours led to a 35% increase in social media followers and high engagement rates on content featuring previous events.
  • Strategic Alliances: Partnerships enabled to offer distinctive event experiences, differentiating them from the competition and securing multiple high-calibre event contracts.

Conclusion: My acumen as a digital strategy consultant was instrumental in the successful market entry of into the Hungarian luxury event planning sphere. Through meticulous market analysis, strategic pricing, and a dynamic digital presence, has positioned itself as a formidable contender in the luxury event domain, with a trajectory set for enduring growth and influence.