Case Study:’s Strategic Entry into the UK Cybersecurity Market

Client: – A premier cybersecurity services provider based in Hungary. Challenge: With a solid reputation for cybersecurity in Hungary, set its sights on the UK market, which boasts a high demand for cybersecurity but is also characterised by fierce competition and stringent regulations. Objectives: Assess the UK’s cybersecurity service market potential through detailed … Read more

Case Study: Enhancing’s Pricing Strategy through Digital Innovation

Client: – A mobile laundry service in Hungary. Challenge:, known for its convenient door-to-door laundry services, faced issues with its static pricing model. The lack of flexibility in pricing did not accommodate varying order sizes and specific customer needs, which led to potential revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction. Objectives: Develop a dynamic pricing … Read more

Case Study: Strategic Digital Launch of in the Hungarian Luxury Event Market

Client: – An emerging luxury event planning enterprise in Hungary. Challenge: Entering the competitive Hungarian event planning market, sought to distinguish itself within the luxury niche against well-established rivals. The firm needed comprehensive market insights and a strategic pricing model to ensure a triumphant debut and ongoing expansion. Objectives: Perform an exhaustive market … Read more

Case Study: Enhancing Digital Strategy for a Children’s Youth Coaching Business

Case Study: Enhancing Digital Strategy for a Children’s Youth Coaching Business Client: Kriszti – A dedicated children’s youth coach specialising in personal development and skill-building for young individuals. Challenge: Kriszti had built a reputable coaching practice over the years but recognised the need to review the previous year’s results comprehensively, explore new opportunities, identify potential … Read more